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Female Vietnamese Names

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Thị is the most common female middle name. Male middle names include C錕絥g, Đức, Hữu, Quang, Văn and many others. 

Vietnamese middle names generally have three usages: 1) to indicate a person's generation; 2) to separate branches of a big family; 3) to indicate a person's position (birth order) in the family.

The Vietnamese given name usually has a literal meaning: for girls it often represents beauty, such as bird or flower names; for boys it often reflects attributes and characteristics that the parents want in their son, such as intelligence or modesty.

Both girls and boys are often given number names to indicate the order of birth however, this naming system is different between northern and southern Vietnamese. In south Vietnam, the first child is given the name Hai meaning two or "the second," and the second son is given the name Ba meaning three or "the third," etc. While in northern Vietnam, the first child is given the name Cả meaning "the eldest" or "the first," and the second son is given the name Hai

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  1. AN: Vietnamese unisex name meaning "peace." Compare with strictly masculine An.

  2. BICH: Vietnamese name meaning "jade." 

  3. : Northern Vietnamese unisex name meaning "the eldest; the first."

  4. CAM: Vietnamese name meaning "orange." Compare with another form of Cam.
  5. CHAU: Vietnamese name meaning "pearls."

  6. CHI: Vietnamese name meaning "tree branch."

  7. CUC: Vietnamese name meaning "chrysanthemum."

  8. HA: Vietnamese unisex name meaning "river; ocean." 

  9. HAI: Vietnamese unisex name meaning "two; second." Compare with another form of Hai.
  10. HANH: Vietnamese name meaning "has good conduct."

  11. HAO: Vietnamese unisex name meaning "good."

  12. HIEN: Vietnamese unisex name meaning "gentle, quiet."

  13. HOA (Pronounced HWA): Vietnamese name meaning "flower."

  14. HÒNG: Vietnamese name meaning "rose."

  15. HUE: Vietnamese name meaning "lily" or "intelligence."

  16. HÙONG: Vietnamese name meaning "pink" or "rose."

  17. KIM: Vietnamese name meaning "golden." Compare with another form of Kim.
  18. KIM CUC: Vietnamese name meaning "golden chrysanthemum."

  19. KIM-LY: Vietnamese name meaning "golden lion."

  20. LIEN: Vietnamese name meaning "lotus flower."

  21. LINH: Vietnamese name meaning "spring."

  22. MAI: Vietnamese name meaning "golden flower." Compare with another form of Mai.
  23. NGOC: Vietnamese name meaning "precious gem."

  24. NGOC BICH: Vietnamese name meaning "precious jade."

  25. NGON: Vietnamese name meaning "good communication."

  26. NGUYET: Vietnamese name meaning "moon."
  27. NHUNG: Vietnamese unisex name meaning "velvet."
  28. PHUONG: Vietnamese name meaning "phoenix."
  29. QUY: Vietnamese unisex name meaning "precious."
  30. QUYEN: Vietnamese name meaning "bird."
  31. SANG: Vietnamese unisex name meaning "noble." 
  32. THANH: Vietnamese unisex name meaning "achieved, intelligent."
  33. THI: Vietnamese name meaning "poem."
  34. THU: Vietnamese name meaning "autumn."
  35. THUY: Vietnamese name meaning "friendly."
  36. TIEN: Vietnamese name meaning "angel, fairy, spirit."
  37. TRÚC: Vietnamese unisex name meaning "bamboo."
  38. TU: Vietnamese unisex name meaning "star." Compare with another form of Tu.
  39. TUYÊN: Vietnamese name meaning "ray."
  40. TUYET: Vietnamese name meaning "snow white."
  41. XUAN: Vietnamese unisex name meaning "spring."
  42. YEN: Vietnamese name meaning "peace."

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